The Reference section supports study and research requirements by providing access to the National library materials and to other information resources which are inside or outside Namibia, through inter-lending, exchanges, databases, networking and user services. The section also co-ordinates the acquisition, disposal or retention of the General Collection to ensure an adequate national library resource.



  • Research and Study

Users are allowed to do research in our library and the collection comprises of the following:

Open Shelves

Reference Collection: All reference materials are found on the lower shelves in the library.

The General Collection: All books in this section are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC).

Closed Access

This section is restricted for the public, it is on the 3rd floor down stairs and materials are available upon request from the reference desk.

  • Photocopying Services

Photocopying is only for library materials.  The Library makes use of coin operated machines and users make their own copies.  The copyright law is observed on all printed material hence a maximum of 10% is allowed to be copied per book. The library charges 50 cents for A4 copies and N$1.00 for A3 copies. Copies are made at own risk and should there be any malfunction of the machine, there will be NO refund made.

  • Television Broadcasting

The National Library provides access to 8 educational channels including NBC in the foyer. Users can request the channels they want to view.


The functions of the Biblio-graphic Control Section of the National Library are to:

  • render bibliographic services and serve as the national bibliographic agency
  • build through legal   deposit or other means a     collection of materials     emanating from, or relating to Namibia
  • act as a central agency   for the implementation of    national and international standards relating to   library and information      work
  • promote awareness and     appreciation of the     existence of Namibia’s   national heritage


This Section was established on the first of April 2001 to co-ordinate the computer system in the Directorate, activate the web sites again and to upgrade access to our databases. 



The Technical Service section is responsible for all administrative work, procurement, budgeting, human resource, stock control and maintenance of the building. It has to ensure that domestic services are carried out efficiently.