According to Section 5 of the Namibia Library and Information Service Act 4 of 2000, the functions of the National Library of Namibia, as per sub-division, are to-:

1. User Services:

  • Provide access to its material and to other information resources which are inside or outside Namibia, through inter-lending, catalogues, databases, networking and user services;
  • Act as a centre for national and international supply of information resources;
  • Provide support services and conduct research in order to ensure the rendering of a library and information service to the people of Namibia;
  • Co-ordinate and supplement the acquisition, exchange, disposal or retention of any library material to ensure an adequate national library resource;
  • Serve as the national centre for the conservation of material emanating from Namibia or relating to Namibia; and
  • Act as a centre for the collection and preservation of literary manuscripts.

2. Bibliographic Services:

  • Render bibliographic services and serve as the national bibliographic agency;
  • Build through legal deposit or other means, a collection of material emanating from Namibia or relating to Namibia;
  • Act as central agency for the implementation of national and international standards relating to library and information work; and
  • Promote awareness and appreciation of the existence of Namibia's national heritage.