Rules for Using the National Library
The National Library of Namibia is not a borrowing library and items must be viewed and used within the library.

Eating, drinking or smoking is not allowed in the

• Handle library materials with care.

• Mobile phones shall not be used in the library.

Any user causing irreparable damage to a book or
  other item belonging to the library shall be liable
  for the replacement cost of the item plus the
  processing charge.

Stealing library books is an offence that will be
   reported to authorities (Police).

• Library materials shall not be marked, damaged or
  deliberately misplaced.

• Bags or jackets are not allowed in the library.

• Do not bend books nor lay them facedown.

• Photocopying of bound newspapers and rare
  books is not allowed.

• No phone calls will be made for the public.

• Moving of furniture is prohibited.

Users shall at all times conduct themselves in a
  quiet and orderly manner so as not to disturb
  other library users.

Users that do not abide by these rules will not be allowed to use the facilities.