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Welcome to OShana Regional Information Hub

Our Library houses a diverse collection of more than 50 000 library materials which includes Books (35 000 plus), Reference sources, Periodicals, CDs/DVDs, Braille books, Electronic games, Puzzles, Video games, Maps, Toys etc.

We are striving to provide relevant, up-to-date and reliable sources of information for all towards a "Knowledge-Based Society".

User Service & Outreach

This  is the major section of RSRC which is open to all library users who are  looking for general information and want to use the library in general. This section can  also takes the library services to the   people through Mobile Library Service.


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         Contact Us 

    Oshana Regional Library
Behind Yetu Shopping Complex
     Private Bag 5521
Tel.: +264 (65) 221564
Fax: +264 (65) 


        Operating Hours

09:00-17:00 (Monday - Friday) 

Closed on weekends and  public  holidays



Tel: +264 (65) 221564





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