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This subdivision of the National Library of Namibia renders bibliographic services in order to fulfill the library’s mission of supporting information provision to all Namibians and Namibian libraries. Through bibliographic services the library serves as the national bibliographic agency.

The subdivision is, inter alia, responsible for:
• Administering a legal deposit system, which is entrenched in legislation;
• Ensuring that the National Library serves as the National Bibliographic Agency;
• Compiling, with the assistance of allied information agencies and libraries, various bibliographic databases to facilitate optimal access to Namibian information resources, and make such databases available through networking systems;
• Compiling, with the co-operation of allied information agencies and publishers, information materials and related matters, e.g. book production statistics;
• Acquisition of materials on general topics by purchase;
• Processing of all materials acquired by the National Library; and

• Ensuring that the National Library acts as the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Agency for Namibia.

Bibliographic records of materials in the National Library of Namibia are stored and maintained on different databases made available through the use of CDS/ISIS/WINISIS software.


This database aims at contributing towards universal bibliographic control by making Namibian and Namibian related published materials, periodical articles and theses electronically available. At present this database contains over 60 000 entries. The NAMLIT database can also be viewed on the University of Namibia website, www.unam.na.

2. NLC
This database contains materials on general topics other than on and about Namibia. Currently, there are over 8 000 entries and it is through NLC that the National Library holdings are added on SABINET.

The National Library of Namibia aims at providing information to all regardless of their class, gender, age or origin. Hence, it is a member of the Southern African Bibliographic Network (SABINET), comprising members from Southern African countries’ libraries including other libraries in Namibia. Each member library makes available its resources to the SABINET central database for information and resource sharing among the members of the network.

4. NLP
This database is aimed at storing bibliographic records of general periodicals which are not on Namibia or Namibia related. At present the database contains close to 3 000 entries.

This contains bibliographic records of both general and Namibian periodicals. It has 5 572 entries which are currently in the process of being updated.

6. LCC
This database is for materials housed in the Last Copy Collection which preserves older or rarely used literature diverted to the National Library from other libraries or materials withdrawn from its own collections. It has over 7 000 entries.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) contains records of all the databases in the National Library of Namibia. There are over 95 000 entries on the National Library of Namibia OPAC.


The objective of the NNB is to contribute towards universal bibliographic control by cataloguing the Namibian published materials according to international bibliographic standards. The arrangement is by Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC 22) and cataloguing is according to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR II). The Library of Congress Subject Headings, edition 20 are used in the preparation of entries. Indexes to the NNB include Author, title, series, subject and publisher. It is available on CDROM on request.


The National Library of Namibia is the national International Standard Book Number (ISBN) agency for Namibia and thus, issues ISBNs to all publishers and provides the International ISBN Agency publishers information for their world directory.

On the first of January 2007 the ISBN will change from a 10 to 13 digit numbering system. This far-reaching change to ISBN 13 affects the National Library, all the publishers and virtually everyone in the book supply chain in Namibia directly. The National Library is responsible for the facilitation and implementation of the change-over from the 10 to the 13 digit ISBN numbering system in Namibia. Publishers who did not receive our communiqué in this regard should contact us immediately

The National Library of Namibia also facilitates on behalf of the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) Agency the issuance of ISSNs. Publishers in Namibia who are producing a periodical for the first time should request for the ISSN through the National Library.